Letter to Aristoteles Onasis

Aristo, my love
I know this is a meager birthday present but I  must tell you that I am after 8and a half years
-with so much, we went through- I am happy to tell you from the depth of my heart that I am very proud of you.  I love your body and soul and only wish that you feel the same.
  I feel privileged to have reached the highest level in a tough career and to be blessed by God to have found you – who went through hell also- to have reached the heights and to have us together
as we are
  Try, oh please do, to keep us united always for I do need your love and respect forever.
  I am too proud to admit it but know that you are my very breath, brain, pride, and tenderness
  If you could see into my feelings for you, you would feel the strongest and richest man in the
entire world
  This is not a child s letter. This a hurt, a tired proven woman that gives you gives you the most
fresh and youthful sentiments ever felt.
   Never forget that and always be as tender with me as you have been on these days and you make me the queen of the world.  My love, I need your affection and tenderness
   I am yours – do as you will with me
                                                                                                                      Your soul,